Why Is It Important to Sieve Cosmetic Powders?

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Sieving cosmetics is a practice the industry’s relied on since the 1930s. Producing powders, like blushes and foundations, that are soft and smooth as well as easy to apply is a leading goal of cosmetic companies. That’s why they rely on industrial sieving equipment.

Crucial Reasons for Sieving Cosmetics

In the cosmetic industry, it’s essential to meet the wants of your customer base, as well as comply with any applicable laws. Additional reasons that emphasize why it’s important to filter your cosmetic powders include:

Meeting FDA requirements: The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) monitors the labeling and condition of cosmetics. A misleading label could be claiming a powder is “soft” when it’s gritty because of poor filtering. By sieving your cosmetics, you ensure they meet your label’s claims and FDA standards.

Eliminating impurities: Removing contaminants is key to providing non-gritty cosmetic powders. The design of our industrial sieving equipment removes impurities through advanced technology that includes a Quick Adjust™ weight system for modifying the lead angle and vibration force based on your material.

Creating non-chemical cosmetics: Industrial cosmetic companies may opt to use chemicals to remove impurities. Many consumers, however, want their cosmetics to be chemical-free. A vibratory screener allows you to meet your purity goals and your customers’ wants.

Minimizing product loss: Accurate separation, as well as minimal product loss, are important benefits of sieving cosmetics with vibratory screeners. By using industrial sieving equipment, you’re improving your product’s quality while also maximizing your cosmetic powder output.

Because consumers often note the “feel” of cosmetics, it’s crucial you use high-quality vibratory screeners to give them a powder that’s comfortable to wear.

Create Soft Cosmetic Powders with Quality Control Sieving

Providing your customers with makeup that’s smooth, non-toxic and high-quality is essential. At VibraScreener™, we understand that challenge. That’s why we’ve designed innovative industrial cosmetic screeners and offer free product testing at our lab in North Carolina to help you find the best vibratory screener.

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