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In a heavy duty industry playing an important role in the global economy, such as the mining industry, is more and more important to count on durable and reliable machinery to get the job done. Because we understand how critical is to consistently produce high capacity while keeping cost low and minimum downtime, we strive in manufacturing and designing the most efficient and robust vibratory screeners and rectangular separators in the industry.

With high-quality, thick-mass housing and higher forces, our vibratory mining equipment can provide accurate and high rates separations in the mining industry. Our technologies allow for a longer machine life without much operator involvement. Please see below our vibrating screen separators specially designed for mining processes:

Bison Separator™

The Bison Separator™ is an advanced vibratory separator suitable for use as a mining screening machine. It is available in two different configurations: a sloped screen design, which is ideal for high-capacity sorting operations, and a linear screen design that allows the unit to double as a conveyor or feeder. In either configuration, you can count on the Bison Separator™ to deliver many key advantages, including low maintenance requirements and an easy-to-replace screener mesh.

LX Solids Separator™

One of our most powerful and sophisticated industrial mining screeners, the LX Solids Separator™ is for high-capacity shale screening, coal cleaning and other processes. It features a multi-motion, high-frequency vibration system that quickly separates even difficult-to-screen solids. It addition to being one of the most advanced industrial mining sifters on the market today, it is also easy to clean and boasts low operating costs, saving you money without compromising performance or productivity.


The GyraSift™ delivers a cleaner cut of materials while maintaining a high throughput — characteristics that make it ideal for use as a mining screener machine. It produces a unique gyratory vibration motion that creates a more even product distribution, and it can be extremely useful in separating materials with different shapes in different angles. The unit’s easy-tension screening material allows operators to make minute adjustments without extended downtime.

These models of rectangular screeners and separators are designed and oriented to improve mining materials processes by separating different materials sizes as well as de-dusting mining materials from unwanted undersize particles. Below are some of the materials our mining vibrating screens are able to screen and separate, helping to increase capacity and reduce cost:

  • Coal
  • Metals
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Rocks
  • Limestone
  • Copper
  • Potash
  • Dimension stones
  • Lead
  • Aluminum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Cooper
  • Diamonds
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Stone
  • Iron ore
  • Rare earth
  • Uranium

Whatever the specifics of your operation entail, the VibraScreener™ team can match you with the right industrial mining sifter or related machine. We partner with major mining operations the world over and, from our base in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are perfectly positioned to serve customers both at home and abroad.

Our industrial screening machines help improve the mining material process thanks to their robust separating, sorting and de-dusting capabilities. Of course, the exact type of screening machine needed will depend on the mining application as well as the environment. For example, in an arid climate, a solid-solid separator will be needed, while in a more humid climate, a solid-liquid separator can also be an option.

Silica Sand Screening Machines

Silica sand is a form of quartz that has become sand due to erosion by millennia of water and wind. It has a wide range of applications: It’s used in the glass, ceramics, chemical and foundries industries, as well as in agriculture and water filtration. It’s also used by the oil and gas industries as a proppant to keep a hydraulic fracture from closing. A fine form of silica sand is also used as a filler for rubber, paints and plastics.

When mining silica sand, the sand is put through an industrial screener that screens at a specific diameter. This separates out the larger granules from the smaller ones. If necessary, the smaller granules can be further separated to obtain the smallest diameter. Of course, exactly what diameter is required will depend on the end user.

Clay Screening Machines

Clay screening machines are critical to the successful mining of clay for use in the ceramics or construction industry. To create strong products, clay needs to be as pure as possible, although it may be mixed with other materials during the production process. Nevertheless, any impurities in the clay itself could compromise its quality. That’s why, when clay is dug out, it needs to be separated from the topsoil, dust and any other organic materials that could compromise its purity. This can be accomplished by means of screening. Additionally, screening can be used to separate oversize particles that might compromise the rest of the process machinery and need to be picked out immediately.

Powder Screening Equipment

When you consider the long list of valuable and rare minerals that are mined from the earth, from iron ore and uranium to gold and diamonds, it’s clear that they need to be produced as purely as possible. However, more often than not, the materials being mined are ingrained in other materials such as rock or quartz. For this reason, the raw materials are often crushed and then put through a powder screener. The vibrations of the powder screener separate the larger particles or pieces from the dust, leaving you with precisely the product you want.

As you can tell, screening equipment is used widely throughout the mining industry in a variety of climates and circumstances. There are several reasons for this:

  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It enhances productivity.
  • It improves the quality and quantity of the product.

Of course, considering the wear and tear on equipment in the mining industry, it’s imperative to have top-quality screening equipment that can easily be cleaned and maintained. Our products are all built with maximum durability and quality in mind so you can maximize your uptime. Contact us to find out how our screeners can help your mining operations.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits our vibrating screens and rectangular separators bring to the mining industry, please contact us today for more information from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.