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Test Lab

VibraScreener® state-of-the-art research and test lab, conveniently located at our headquarter facility in Charlotte, NC, is fully equipped to satisfy the needs of comprehensive product trials as needed by our customers. The test lab is armed with a wide range of vibratory screeners and industrial separators to test our clients most complex products and applications, the lab integrates complementing equipment (e.g. feeders, hoppers, conveyors) to simulate real production capability.

Because every product and application has unique characteristics, we facilitate and encourage the testing of your materials for a complete peace of mind.
The research lab is offered FREE of charge to our valued clients, including the use of screening equipment and available screen sizes – round separators and rectangular screening machines are also available for trials at customers’ sites. All tests are coordinated by a knowledgeable technician that will carefully examine your particular product and will test different variables for the best findings. Along with an honest and accurate project recommendation, our research and testing lab is also able to provide the following data:

  • Particle size analysis
  • Detailed test report
  • Production capability analysis
  • Oversize percentage determination
  • Scaling capability diagnosis
  • Product flow ability study
  • Product behavior analysis
  • Material testing and characterization
  • Recommended machine (based on results)
  • Environment sustainability diagnosis
  • Product and client confidentiality

Because every product and application has unique characteristics, we facilitate and encourage the testing of your materials for complete peace of mind.

Benefits of the VibraScreener® Test Lab

Our advanced research and test lab, as well as our expert team of technicians and their comprehensive assessments, offer several advantages to your company, including:

  • Performance: A primary goal of the staff at our screener test lab is to evaluate the performance of your materials with various machines, thus providing you with valuable equipment recommendations. Choosing the best hardware for your product offers improved efficiency, which can lead to faster processing times and higher revenue.


  • Safety: A significant benefit our vibrating screen test lab provides to you and your team is a higher level of workplace safety. Operating ineffective equipment for materials can lead to workplace injuries and damage to your hardware, which can cause production setbacks. That’s why we evaluate the potential hazards of screening your materials, ensuring you receive a machine recommendation that’s safe and effective.


  • Productivity: A key feature of our screener test lab is its ability to boost your company’s productivity. By assessing the performance and safety of the equipment processing your materials, our technicians can provide recommendations for durable and reliable machines that will also deliver the best efficiency for your material processing needs, optimizing your in-house productivity.


  • Revenue: An overall advantage of our vibrating screen test lab is increased revenue. Not only is it free of charge to clients but it is also an in-depth analysis that allows your company to boost its performance, productivity and safety, which all support improved profits. By only recommending trusted machinery, we ensure potential downtime from maintenance and repairs remains at a minimum.

If you would like to schedule a product test please contact us today for date availability and instructions, we will be happy to guide you through the process and get you going.