Since our founding, VibraScreener™ has been committed to creating innovative products that help our clients meet the challenges of a changing world.

With all the global environment trends and limitation of resources we face today, recycling has become necessary to the preservation of our planet and to be able to get the most out of our materials. Therefore our commitment to the industry is serious, and we take pride in helping our customers contribute to a more environmentally friendly planet.

Our vibratory recycle screeners and rectangular separators are designed with durable casting and adjustable advanced counterweights systems for a far more precise and accurate separation of materials to be recycled. Below are some of the key screening machines used to separate and recycle different materials:


The GyraSift™ is a sophisticated gyratory food sifting machine ideal for dry application processes in which you need a cleaner sift.
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Bison Separator™

is available in both linear and sloped screen configurations. Use it in any application in which a cost-effective, versatile food industry sieving machine is required.
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Ranger Separator™

The Ranger Separator™ is a round food sifter machine that features rubber suspension mounts for more stable vibration.
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The LX Solids™

The LX Solids Separator is a high capacity linear vibrating screen that uses a high frequency multi motion vibration mostly used to separate solids...
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These operator-friendly round sifting screeners and rectangular separators provide accurate grading of metal powders as well as effective screening to make sure no oversize particles pass with the good product. These processes are made possible with durable and reliable high mass machine casting allowing more force to be applied directly to the screen area to improve the quality of a wide range of metal powders. Below are listed some of the metal powders we have expertise screening and separating:

  • Iron powder
  • Aluminum powder
  • Steel powder
  • Nickel powder
  • Titanium Alloy powder
  • Brass powder
  • Shot peening powder
  • Copper powder
  • Bronze powder
  • Tungsten Carbide Powders
  • Ferrite Stainless Steel

Save Time and Money With VibraScreener™

One of the main advantages of choosing a VibraScreener™ industrial recycling screener machine is that each of our products saves you money in various ways. Low maintenance requirements maximize uptime, while a large inventory of replaceable parts and screens extends the life of our machines, even when used in the harsh conditions an industrial recycling screener must operate in.

Let us assess your specific requirements and match you with the right machine for the job. If you are recycling materials and would like to learn more how our vibratory separators can help classify your materials and reduce the time of this process, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and assistance from our knowledgeable staff.

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