Because the ceramic industry plays an important role in our everyday life, this is an exciting industry to us and we are glad to be part of it. As ceramic products are all around us, from basic construction materials and household products to very sophisticated products such as refractory and dental implants, we understand the importance of the quality of their materials and how defining this can be to ceramic products competitiveness and bottom line profitability.

Because of these facts we have introduced innovative vibratory screeners and rectangular separators to the industry, to assure the quality of your ceramic materials is not compromised. With the most advanced technologies in the market, our vibratory screening machines are designed to help increase capacity and reduce downtime while improving the quality of ceramic materials. Please see below our best vibrating screeners and rectangular separators for ceramic products:

Dynamic Screener™

The Dynamic Screener™ is a high-capacity food screener machine suitable for removing oversized contaminants and impurities from your product.
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Bison Separator™

is available in both linear and sloped screen configurations. Use it in any application in which a cost-effective, versatile food industry sieving machine is required.
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Ranger Separator™

The Ranger Separator™ is a round food sifter machine that features rubber suspension mounts for more stable vibration.
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The SaniDump Screener™

is a modern industrial sieve with a bag dump screener that incorporates a bag tipping platform and dust hood...
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Who We Serve

Since our founding, VibraScreener™ has served some of the major players in the global ceramics industry. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are well-positioned to offer sales and service of our complete line of industrial ceramics sifters and related machines to customers throughout the United States and beyond. We work closely with everyone from global fortune 500 processing facilities to boutique manufacturers. Your choice of a VibraScreener™ ceramic sifting or sieving machine is one that will deliver:

A More Consistent Process

Thanks to our innovative ceramic sifting technology that filters out impurities while decreasing product losses.

Improved Productivity

Thanks to the high-capacity design and low maintenance requirements of our ceramic screener machines.

Lower Operating Costs

Thanks to the easy-to-maintain design of some of our most popular industrial certain sifters.

Safer Workspaces

Let us match you with the right equipment for any ceramic sifting or sieving application. Our test lab offers free particle size analysis and consulting to help you make an informed purchase of a new industrial ceramic sifter. Please see below a list of the most common ceramic powders our vibratory sieves and industrial sifters successful help screen and sift:

If you are interested in learning more how our technologies can effectively be applied to your specific process to improve the quality of your ceramic products, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with an expert in this field. Be sure to check out all our other industries that benefit from the use of screening and sieving machine equipment.

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