The value of the global cosmetics industry is projected to reach more than $267 billion by 2017. With this growth has come an increased consumer awareness of quality and a strong need for organizations to deliver exceptional product control to remain competitive. Industrial cosmetics sieves play an important role in filtering out impurities without the use of harsh chemicals, while minimizing product loss. Investing in quality equipment is a great way to help your organization deliver superior products and stand out from the competition.

At VibraScreener™ we are proud to contribute to an exciting industry such as the cosmetics products. We understand that manufacturing cosmetics products that will eventually be applied to human skins can be very demanding as the FDA, which is heavily regulating cosmetics products, defines cosmetics products as products that cannot affect the body structure or figure. To help comply with these regulations and improve the quality of cosmetics products we proudly offer innovative vibratory screeners and industrial sieves to eliminate impurities from cosmetics products that could be dangerous to human skins as well as to the appearance of it.

By implementing advanced technology and innovation, we have developed round screeners and vibratory sifters to ensure high quality of these products while still considering profitability by making cost-effective sieving machines. Please see below a list of our most useful vibratory sieves for cosmetics products:


The GyraSift™ is a sophisticated gyratory food sifting machine ideal for dry application processes in which you need a cleaner sift.
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Dynamic Screener™

The Dynamic Screener™ is a high-capacity food screener machine suitable for removing oversized contaminants and impurities from your product.
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Bison Separator™

is available in both linear and sloped screen configurations. Use it in any application in which a cost-effective, versatile food industry sieving machine is required.
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Ranger Separator™

The Ranger Separator™ is a round food sifter machine that features rubber suspension mounts for more stable vibration.
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These models of industrial sieves are commonly used in applications such as check screening ingredients and final products before packaging, as well as to classify cosmetics products. Please see below a list of cosmetics products which our vibrating sifters and industrial shakers are ideal for improving their quality:

  • Makeup powder
  • Foot powder
  • Baby powder
  • Iron oxide
  • Tin oxide
  • Zinc oxide
  • Titanium oxide
  • Color additives
  • Talc
  • Mica
  • Lotion
  • Bismuth oxychloride
  • Carbonates
  • Natural ingredients
  • Mineral powder
  • Mascara powder
  • Silicate

VibraScreener™ has a long history of developing innovative industrial makeup screeners and related products for the global cosmetics industry. Our Charlotte, North Carolina test lab is fully equipped to analyze your product and determine the best machine for your need — a free service we offer all of our customers.

For more information about your specific product and to know which is the most suitable screening machine for your process, please contact us to receive free advice from our experts’ engineers without compromise.


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