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As the powder coating process has become extremely common and important since its introduction in the USA over 40 years ago, representing now over 15% of the total industrial finishing market, and is used in a wide range of products; VibraScreener™ focus is to position powder coating as one of our primary industries by being a leader trusted supplier.

Whether you are manufacturing powder coating or using powder coating in the finishing of your products, our easy to clean and easy to strip down vibrating screeners and industrial sieves are the perfect screening machines to improve your process and the quality of your products. Our vibratory sifters not only ensure good quality where powder coating will be applied but are also necessary protecting important equipment in your process such as nozzles and guns.

Having in mind industries producing and using powder coating, we have developed technologies to improve these processes and safeguard the reputation of our powder coating clients. Detailed below are the screening machines preferred by our powder coating customers due to the advantages they provide:

These powder sifting machines and industrial sifters are capable of helping powder coating in its two categories thermoset and thermoplastic for both manufacturers and users in application such as check screening the final product before going out to your customers, sieving before applying it to your products, recovering powders after been applied and dropped in the floor and conditioning the powder for a better process. Our industrial screeners are great in these applications for different powder coating materials, below is a list of some of these thermoset and thermoplastic powder coating materials:

  • Nylon powder coating
  • Epoxy powder coating
  • Acrylic powder coating
  • Polyester powder coating
  • Fluoropolymer powder coating
  • Metallic effects powder coating
  • Toner
  • Specialty powder coating

Whatever the application, you can count on VibraScreener™ powder coating vibratory sifters to deliver many key benefits that save you money and streamline your processes. Fortune 500 and other major corporations trust our products because they offer:


Exceptional Uptime and Productivity

Thanks to their low maintenance requirements, easily accessible and adjustable components, and replaceable parts.


Great Value

Thanks to their high throughput and large capacity for processing powder coatings of all varieties.


Improved Occupational Health and Safety

Thanks to integrated dust screens, low noise operation and other features that protect operators and prevent accidents.


The first step in selecting the right vibratory screener or sieve for your powder coating processing is to schedule a consultation with our test lab. We’ll analyze your product to determine its characteristics and recommend a machine that’s best suited to the task. Our testing and material analysis services are free to all customers — just one reason why we’re the number one choice in powder coating vibratory sifters.

If you are interested in learning how our vibratory screeners and industrial sifters can help improve your powder coating process and avoid complaints from your customers, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information from one of our friendly technical support engineers without compromise.