How Can Vibratory Screening Improve the Quality of Ceramic Products?

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Sifting ceramic powders is a crucial – if not the most important — step in creating a ceramic product. Preparing ceramic powder relies on an extensive refining process to remove impurities so that your final product is a high-quality and dense structure that represents your company’s standards. Vibratory screening can help you achieve that by improving the quality of your ceramic products.

Why Ceramic Product Quality Improves With Vibratory Screening

Sifting your ceramic powders with a vibratory screener improves your final product’s quality. Why? A few reasons include the following:

  • Technology that filters ceramic powders with accuracy. A lack of quality-control screening results in ceramic that’s low-quality because of impurities. Operating screeners that provide precision for sifting ceramic powders is crucial. Our screeners, for example, feature advanced technology that includes adjustable counterweight systems and durable casting to ensure impurities are filtered out. The result is a pure powder for producing a high-quality set of ceramic products.
  • Build that features a hygienic construction. Preventing contamination is important in ceramics, especially when developing dental implants. That’s why it’s essential to have screeners for sieving powders that are hygienic in design — to prevent outside contamination and a decrease in your product’s quality. Sanitary vibratory screeners that are easy to clean and dismantle prevent initial contamination and encourage your staff to follow routine cleaning procedures to avoid the growth of bacteria and other impurities that could impact the quality of your product.

Other advantages of vibratory screening include their increased capacity and ability to provide more ceramic powder through precise sieving. Both benefits can help your productivity, as well as costs by maximizing your use of materials.

Discover Quality Control Screening With VibraScreener™

Providing quality ceramic products is your business. Producing quality-control screening equipment is ours. Throughout our history, we’ve provided numerous organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to boutique manufacturers, with the hardware they need for sifting ceramic powders to create high-quality products for their clients.

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