Remaining competitive in the supplement industry is a continuous challenge. One way to overcome your competition is by raising the bar on the quality of your muscle-building supplements, which is a deciding factor for consumers searching for a protein product. Industrial sifting is a leading technique for improving your product.

Why Protein Powder Quality Improves With Industrial Sifting

Protein powder’s qualities improve with industrial sifting for several reasons, many of which are due to advanced technology and designs, as well as an understanding of the industry:

Hygienic construction: Contamination of your powder can result in a decrease in quality. Industrial sifting equipment with a clean, sanitary construction prevents additional contamination from outside sources. Machines with an easy-to-clean design also encourage staff to follow cleaning procedures and standards.

Precise protein sifting: Impurities are a leading cause of diminished supplement quality. Many industrial sifting machines are inaccurate, which leads to an impure, lower-quality product. Advanced technology, like our Quick Adjust™ weight system, ensures your supplements are sifted with accuracy. With this accurate system, you’re both eliminating impurities and preventing product waste. Adjustable settings, such as for vibration and lead angle, also let you enhance your sifting equipment’s precision for a higher-quality product.

Lower air pollution: Breathable conditions in your facility are important for your employees and products. Particles from supplement sifters can later contaminate other batches of protein powder. Features, such as a dust hood or bag-tipping platform, reduce air pollution and lead to supplements with a higher purity level.

How to sift protein for a high-quality product depends on equipment that’s built with excellence and innovation.

Sift Your Supplements with Industry-Leading Screeners

Protein sifting offers you the opportunity to improve the quality of your supplements while increasing your yields and productivity. At VibraScreener™, our screening and separation specialists are familiar with protein-sifting methods and can help you find a vibratory screener to meet your company’s needs.

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