Heavy and tough materials such as aggregates require rugged and durable machinery. With entire nation infrastructures depending on aggregates, from the asphalt pavement to airports and seaports, these materials are essential to the growth of economies. With these facts in mind and the urge to delight our customers, we compel ourselves to design and fabricate robust and efficient vibrating screens and rectangular separators for the industry.

In an industry where logistic plays an important role, the transport of unnecessary materials can be costly and therefore is critical to screen these materials before transporting them. By specializing in screening equipment only, we are able to concentrate resources and pay attention to details to develop rectangular screeners and industrial separators that will suit the needs of the industry. For more information on the advanced features of our vibrating screens, please direct yourself to the following products pages:


The GyraSift™ is a sophisticated gyratory food sifting machine ideal for dry application processes in which you need a cleaner sift.
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Dynamic Screener™

The Dynamic Screener™ is a high-capacity food screener machine suitable for removing oversized contaminants and impurities from your product.
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Bison Separator™

is available in both linear and sloped screen configurations. Use it in any application in which a cost-effective, versatile food industry sieving machine is required.
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Ranger Separator™

The Ranger Separator™ is a round food sifter machine that features rubber suspension mounts for more stable vibration.
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These vibrating screens are great for applications such as screening aggregates, classifying materials, dewatering and scalping aggregates materials. Below is list of the materials our vibrating screens and rectangular separators specialize in:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Franc Sand
  • Clay
  • Stone
  • Rock
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Ore
  • Dirt
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Wood
  • Light Aggregates
  • Garbage
  • Lead Shot

Not sure which of our aggregate screening machines is best for your operation? Our testing lab includes full material analysis and production simulation capabilities. Conveniently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are well-positioned to serve some of the country’s largest and most demanding quarry and aggregate processing operations. Contact our office directly to request a consultation or learn more.

Built for Today’s Quarry and Aggregate Processors

At VibraScreener™, we know the importance of having screening and sorting equipment that works as hard as you do. We know you can’t afford the downtime that comes with equipment failure, which is why we have spent years developing one of the most rugged and dependable lines of industrial aggregate separators on the market today. When you need to expand your operations or replace aging equipment, your choice of a VibraScreener™ product is one that will deliver

Improved productivity

We engineered our large-capacity and high-throughput aggregate separator machines from the ground up for superior performance. Whatever you’re processing, we’ll ensure the job gets done quickly and accurately, with more precise separations and minimal loss of usable product.

Improved Uptime

Low maintenance requirements and easily adjustable parts mean VibraScreener™ aggregates screening machines can keep running longer, with fewer delays. We’ve designed our products to ensure you can access key components in the field, so repairs and maintenance don’t require extended downtime.

Improved Safety

Minimizing the risk of on-the-job accidents and illness is an important priority, not just to limit your liability but also for the health of your valued team members. In the aggregate processing industry, particulates produced by cement, asphalt and other materials can pose a serious risk. That’s why our machines are available with features such as dust hoods to reduce airborne pollutants. Many of our aggregate screening machines operate quietly, too — an important advantage when it comes to meeting OSHA noise exposure regulations.

if you would like to learn more about our screening machines or have questions on a particular application, please contact us to receive free information from our friendly technical team.

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