When It Comes to Screening Media, Quality Matters

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In precise industrial processes, all equipment and constituent parts must work together to drive performance and efficiency. For screening and sifting materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, aggregate and other industries, your choice of media goes a long way toward determining the effectiveness of your machines. Even the best vibratory sifters are only as efficient as the screens they use to check, grade, de-dust and perform other tasks.


You’ve already invested in a quality sifter — make sure you are making the most of your purchase by choosing a high-quality replacement screening media that will deliver the following advantages:

  • Longer life: Increasing the length of time between screen replacements has two key benefits for busy facilities. First, of course, your costs go down because you spend less on replacement screens over the year and require fewer maintenance calls. Secondly, your productivity improves, as downtime for screen replacements is kept to a minimum.
  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime: Better screening media not only lasts longer, it’s also less likely to break down on the job. Choosing quality over cost will deliver long-term benefits due to increased productivity and less downtime from sudden breakage. As a result, your operation is more cost-effective overall, and your employees have more time to spend on other important tasks.
  • Improved quality: At the end of the day, the quality of a circular vibratory screener is determined by its ability to get the job done accurately. Whether it’s sifting ceramic materials or de-dusting pharmaceutical products, a quality screen with consistent meshing will deliver better results every time. As a result, you’ll produce a better quality product with a higher throughput — important advantages for any growing business.
  • Overall cost savings: Run the numbers and you’ll see — better quality screening media delivers consistent advantages across the board. Screening media that’s made from high-quality materials, with a smooth surface polish and accurate aperture size, helps you run a more profitable and productive operation.

To ensure your replacement or re-screened media delivers long-term performance, look for a product that uses high-quality wire meshing and FDA-approved adhesives. Also, working with a company that knows what they’re doing, and whose technicians have experience setting the correct tension for each mesh size, helps ensure your screen will last longer regardless of what stresses you subject it to.

How VibraScreener™ Can Help


VibraScreener™ is a leading provider of screening media for circular vibratory sifters and other industrial machines. We offer exceptional quality at an affordable price, and can turn around even large orders in a short timeframe. We can re-mesh or replace entire media for both our own proprietary equipment as well as sifters and screeners by other well-known brands.

Let our team help you by assessing your needs and selecting the best screening media solution for you. We are an industry leader in all things related to vibratory screening, and we consistently exceed the demands of customers in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical processing and other industries where quality control is a requirement.