What Are the Benefits of Using a Mechanical Vibrating Separator for Bulk Solids?

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Mechanical vibrating separators are one of three main types of industrial screening machines, along with rectangular and circular screeners. While mechanical separators are generally considered to be at the lower end of the technological spectrum, they offer several advantages over other types of machines in certain bulk solid screening applications.

Advantage #1: Cost


With their simple, rugged design, mechanical vibrating separators are typically less expensive to purchase and operate than more sophisticated machinery. When regularly serviced, a mechanical separator can perform dependably for years — a key benefit for any organization on a limited budget that requires fast separation of bulk solids for any of their processes.

Advantage #2: Productivity

Choosing the best separator or screener for your operation is all about matching the machine with the task. There is a diverse selection of equipment on the market today and no one type is best for all things. Mechanical separators are the ideal choice when you need a simple and rugged machine capable of quickly sorting bulk solids by size. In these applications, they deliver consistently higher throughput than other types of machines.

Advantage #3: Maintenance

The simpler design of a mechanical vibratory separator has one key advantage for busy production facilities. Namely, it is easier to maintain and requires less downtime to service. Straightforward screen and drive components can often be quickly swapped out or repaired, allowing you to maintain full productivity for longer, with both faster and cheaper preventative maintenance requirements.

Advantage # 4: Product Quality

A well-maintained mechanical separator that’s been carefully chosen for the task at hand can deliver a product of equal quality to any other type of vibratory screener. Product distribution and cleaner separations translate to improved customer satisfaction and higher yields — both important benefits for any application where quality is key.

Key Applications

Vibratory mechanical separators excel in applications where fast, bulk separation of solids is required. This makes them particularly well suited to use in the mineral and mining industries, where they are used to separate, sift and check screen product of different shapes and sizes, such as gypsum, feldspar, coal, potash and more.

Other potential applications for a mechanical separator include screening and classifying aggregates such as concrete, asphalt and brick, and separating plastics, paper and other materials in a recycling facility. Equipment such as the VibraScreener™ GyraSift™ can be outfitted with various sizes of easy-tension screening media to support a range of different processes.

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The GyraSift™ is an excellent mechanical vibrating separator built for long-term reliability and performance. Featuring low maintenance requirements and exceptional process flexibility, it is an excellent choice for any bulk dry sorting application. It is notable for its ease of adjustment on the fly, allowing operators to fine tune performance without stopping production.

To learn more about the GyraSift™, or any of our other industrial screening and separating machines, contact VibraScreener™ today. One of our representatives will be happy to discuss your requirements and match you with the best tool for the job. For additional questions or to get in direct contact with one of our experts, please fill out our talk to an expert form.