Benefits of Upgrading to a Low-Profile Design Check-Screener Vibratory Sieve

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Low-profile check screener vibratory sieving machines are an ideal choice for many industrial applications, especially those screening sensitive and high value materials. With these compacts and low headroom vibrating sieves greater capacity and complete elimination of contamination can be achieved with less space than other conventional industrial screeners. At the same time, however, these vibratory sieves often are not suited for separating or grading materials into different fractions as their large round and rectangular industrial screening counterparts.

Is the investment to upgrade worth it? – In many applications, yes. Upgrading to a low-profile type sieve machine offers many important competitive advantages over conventional vibratory screeners, including:

  • High Capacity. Compared to conventional round industrial screener machines with large contact parts and multiple spouts, check-screening design sieving machines can process a higher volume of materials at a time, while still offering a small footprint ideal for facilities where space is at a premium. With this design less good product can be loss as often an outlet for oversize contamination is not required.
  • Improved Accuracy. The multiple screen design of a check-screener sieve improves accuracy when check-screening, sieving or police screening both wet and dry materials. This further improves your bottom line by reducing product losses and waste.
  • Less Blinding. The ultrasonic sieve transducer system technology in many check-screener machines makes better use of a larger portion of the screen surface area, reducing blinding and improving overall process efficiency.
  • Longer Lift and Lower Cost. Check-screener vibratory sieves have fewer maintenance requirements while extending the life of the screen and other consumable components. This means more uptime and lower repair and service costs over the course of a year.
  • Great Portability. The small footprint of a check-screener industrial screening machine not only saves space, but it also simplifies storage and transport in your facility. You can easily move most low-profile industrial sieves systems by pushing a simple mobile stand on caster wheels.
  • Lower Noise. Smaller and more efficient than conventional industrial screener machines, check-screener type equipment are also quieter – modern industrial screeners and industrial sieving machines are also mounted on rubber suspensions making these vibratory sieves even less noisy, providing better working conditions for your staff on the floor.
  • More Flexibility. Available with a wide range of mesh screen apertures and sizes, low profile check-screener sieves are among the most versatile industrial screener machines on the market today. Various configuration options support critical processes in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, ceramics, chemical, powder coating, metallurgy and other industries. Contact a VibraScreener® representative today for assistance choosing the right machine for your needs.

Clearly, there are many benefits to choosing a check-screener type industrial sieve for your operation. A one-time investment in a superior product will deliver ongoing returns for years to come. For a full cost-benefit analysis, contact VibraScreener™ today.