What Makes a Vibratory Sifter Ultra-Hygienic for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications?

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When you’re processing materials using a food or pharmaceutical screener or separator, maintaining sanitary conditions is essential. Failure to ensure appropriate quality control can lead to significant waste, lost productivity, contamination problems and even significant liability issues and reputational damage. When sifting, sieving or separating sensitive materials, ultra-hygienic conditions are required. Sanitary sieving and sifting machines designs are also essential in meeting the strict regulations of entities such as the FDA, USDA and 3A by complying with the mandates of GMP’s, HACCP and HAZOP.

Most vibratory screeners and industrial sieves are primarily concerned with providing an accurate and cost-effective sieving. In applications such as mining and recycling, hygienic conditions are not a concern, but in industries such as the food processing, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries an industrial sifter with a sanitary design must be the main requirement. If you’re in the market for a vibratory food sifter of pharmaceutical sieve, not just any sieve machine will meet the requirements of the industry. To ensure hygienic conditions and prevent contamination, look for a vibratory sifter with the following characteristics:

  • Is easy to clean and replace the sifter screen. The ability to quickly access contact parts and sieve screen to clean and replace the sifter mesh is an important benefit when looking for an ultra-hygienic pharmaceutical sifter. The design of the vibrating sifter you choose must enable quick dismantle and easy access to contact parts to be clean – this includes the sifter mesh screen as this must be clean and replaced periodically. Sieving machines should also be resistant to chemical cleaning sprays used in decontamination procedures.
  • Has a gap-free design. A design that prevents bacteria to build up on the edges of the screener walls is a must have in such regulated industries. Even in clean room conditions, bacteria can accumulate in the dead areas where product becomes trapped, leading to contamination. For ultra-hygienic applications, food and pharma sifters should be designed without gaps.
  • Has a small footprint. Larger machines mean more opportunities for product to become contaminated, in addition to increased cleaning and maintenance requirements. Smaller industrial screeners and sieves with fewer contact parts help ensure product quality while maximizing the use of space in clean rooms.

Depending on its intended use and the nature of your operation, other features to look for in a pharma sifter may include an enclosed system to contain dust and highly polished surfaces to ensure the possibility of cross-contamination is eliminated. In the food industry if operators are dumping bags into the vibrating screener a tipping platform can be very helpful, which prevents injuries to operators when lifting and holding bags. Construction with 316L-grade stainless steel and stainless steel base and stands of the sieving machines provides additional resistance to oxidation and pitting, particularly in the high chloride environments present during certain food preparation tasks.

VibraScreener® manufactures several vibratory sifters and industrial sieves suitable for use in food and pharma applications. Our ultra-hygienic Dynamic Screener™ features a high-capacity, straight-thru design for increased productivity, even when meeting high sanitary standards. We are also proud offer the Ranger Separator™, which features the Quick Adjust™ weight system for exceptional accuracy in the separation and sieving process, and the SaniDump Screener™, which provides exceptional contaminant elimination and dust control.

For more information about VibraScreener™ products or assistance with choosing the right industrial sieve machine for your needs, contact a representative today.