When to Select a Circular Vibratory Screener

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Vibratory circular separators are one of the three main types of industrial sifting machines, along with rectangular and centrifugal screeners. They tend to be the type that provide the most benefits offering long-term value to your business – on the other hand, however, they are designed to provide less capacity than their rectangular vibrating screens rivals.

Many different wet and dry sifting operations prefer circular screeners, mainly because of the low maintenance associated with a round separator, but they are many other benefits to select a round screener over large rectangular vibrating screens. As with any piece of bulk handling or processing equipment, your choice of an industrial round separator is an important one. So, when should you choose a circular vibrating screen machine over the alternatives?

Choose a circular vibrating screener or round separator if:

  • You need to efficiently and accurately classify liquids or dry bulk solids. Circular screeners are known for their high degree of accuracy when screening everything from granules, bulky products to check-screening fine powders. Round vibrating screens are also the best choice for dewatering solids and screening slurry. A wide range of available configurations and mesh sizes means you can use a rotary round screener in almost any industrial application.
  • You are working with an expensive or sensitive product. Circular screeners have a more compact design that is ideal for products that can be costly if damaged or loss. As well, many round separators can be configured for use in clean rooms and aseptic environments.
  • You are expose to strict sanitary regulations. Because circular vibrating screens are easier to dismantle to clean and replace the screen, they are more suitable for high sanitary environments and materials such as food and pharma products. Round screeners in general have a more hygienic design than rectangular or centrifugal screeners as they don’t have dead corners and areas where bacteria can accumulate and contaminate your product – most modern circular industrial screeners also feature a gap-free design.
  • You require a circular vibrating screen with a small footprint. Circular vibratory separators are more compact and portable than other types of sifting machines. They also produce less noise and, because they have fewer parts, they are less expensive to service and maintain. This makes them a great choice for any facility where space is restricted.

Vibratory Screener Alternatives

Despite the many benefits circular vibratory screeners and separators offer, they are just one option among many, and they may not be the right choice for every application. Alternatives to round vibratory separators include:

  • Rectangular vibrating screen separators, which can process larger particle sizes and higher volumes of product, making them a better choice for certain heavy-duty applications, such as minerals processing and pellets classifying
  • Centrifugal screeners, which are less precise and have a higher cost, but generally sufficient only for applications screening lumpy materials.

For more information about your options when choosing a vibratory screener and help selecting the best screening machine for your needs, contact VibraScreener™ today and an specialists in screening and separation equipment will advise you.