What to Look for When Choosing a Sanitary Powder Sieve Machine

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Maintaining sanitary conditions is an important priority in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and a number of other industry applications. If your operation requires sieving powders, the equipment you use to do this is a critical control point for preventing contamination. Don’t let an unsanitary powder sieve machine compromise the integrity of your product or put your customers at risk — choose equipment that’s been designed to work in clean rooms and other hygienic environments. Here are a few things to look for when selecting new sieving machines:

  • Ease of cleaning. The faster and easier it is to sanitize a powder sieve machine, the more frequently it will get done. As well, if a machine is easy to clean, it reduces the amount of downtime necessary for this important maintenance item — a great bonus for any operation where keeping overhead expenses in check is a concern. Look for a sieving machine that can be dismantled quickly and that features few contact parts and removable components that facilitate cleaning. Having few and small contact parts in your vibratory sieve machine means less chance for cross-contamination to occur.
  • Removable sifter mesh. A powder sieve machine’s screening media is the most important component when it comes to not only ensuring performance, but to maintaining sanitary conditions as well. A screening mesh is in constant contact with your product and must be sanitized regularly to ensure hygienic operation. Make sure the screening media on a potential sieving machine is easy to remove and replace as necessary.
  • Gap-free design. Gaps in the edges of screener walls are difficult to clean and sanitize properly. As a result, they can easily become hotspots for the growth of bacteria, mold and other contaminants. When searching for a sanitary powder sieve machine, a gap-free design is a must.
  • Chemical resistance. Harsh disinfectants may be required to sanitize a powder sieve machine — you need to be certain a potential screener will stand up to repeated chemical exposure without incurring damage or wear. Look for a machine built with 316L-grade stainless steel and other quality materials that will provide long-term resistance against oxidation and pitting.
  • Small footprint. A larger sieving machine means more cleaning and, if not properly and consistently sanitized, more opportunities for contamination. Choose the smallest sifting machine that will meet your production needs when working in a sanitary environment. Not only will your maintenance requirements be lower, but the additional floor space means less risk of an on-the-job accident — which can potentially lead to product contamination, among other issues.
  • Special features. Depending on the nature of your operation, certain sieving machine features can make it easier to maintain hygienic conditions. For example, a dust hood keeps powder fumes from spreading throughout your facility, preventing cross-contamination and safeguarding your employees’ health. A tipping platform can also be useful as it facilitates safe and efficient loading of materials into the machinery.

VibraScreener™ manufactures a number of products suitable for powder sieving in sanitary conditions. We are a longstanding partner to the pharma and food and beverage industries, with a strong reputation for innovative equipment that helps busy facilities maintain clean and hygienic conditions at all times. If you’d like to learn more about our products, or would like help determining the best sieving machine for your needs, get in touch with our sieving and sifting experts today.