Vibrating Screen Separators: Maintenance and Downtime Issues

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A vibrating screen separator is a big investment for any operation and an important part of your overall process. A good screening machine will be able to reliably meet your production goals while keeping your overhead costs to a minimum. The potential for maintenance and downtime are important considerations to factor into a new vibrating screen purchase. Here are a few things to think about.

Wearable Components

When it comes to wearable components, not all vibratory screeners and separators are created equal. To reduce maintenance requirements, look for a screening machine that uses foot-mounted vibratory motors instead of shafts and bearings, which wear out more quickly. As well, a feed distributor will ensure incoming product is spread out uniformly across the screening media. This not only reduces the risk of blinding, but it also causes your screen to wear out more evenly, extending its lifespan.

Component Accessibility

All vibrating screen separators will require maintenance or repair at some point in their life. However, well-designed screening machines will be engineered to keep downtime to a minimum while work is in progress. The easier it is to access replaceable components, the faster it will be to get the job done and get back up and running.

When it’s easier to access parts, it’s also easier to troubleshoot problems when something goes wrong. A quick access door that lets you get at the interior of your vibrating screen makes everything from simple adjustments to larger repairs faster.


Another factor in avoiding unnecessary downtime is choosing a separation equipment that’s suited to your production goals. Overtaxing a vibratory screener will cause it to wear out faster and potentially lead to equipment failure — all things that drive up your costs and slow down your productivity. Before buying a new screening machine, make sure your purchase will be able to not only handle your current day-to-day processing requirements, but also to grow with you as required. Even if it means a higher initial purchase price, a more powerful vibrating screen separator is an investment in the long-term success of your organization.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Once you’ve done the research and selected the best screening equipment for your application, it’s important to make sure what maintenance is required and that is performed diligently and on-schedule. Preventative maintenance helps keep your industrial screener working its best and can be useful in identifying problems and performance issues before they lead to downtime.

Also, working with a company that has an extensive inventory of replacement parts on-hand can ensure when an issue does arise, your team is able to quickly take care of it using the proper components.

VibraScreener™: The Smart Choice for Performance and Value

If you’re looking for a vibrating screen separator that will deliver reliable performance shift after shift, consider VibraScreener™. Our products deliver small footprints and low maintenance requirements without sacrificing productivity. Made with high-quality components that require less maintenance and are precision engineered for optimal efficiency, there’s no better value for your purchasing dollar than our vibrating screen separators.

Check out our website to browse our complete lineup of products or get in touch with a screening and separation specialist to learn more.