Sifting Bakery Ingredients with a Vibratory Sieve

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Flours, sugars, and related bakery ingredients are held to a higher standard than perhaps any other food product. Buyers demand products that are of high-quality and free of impurities. In many cases, there’s also the need to be mindful of regulatory requirements for sanitation.

A vibratory sieve or bakery sifter is often used for screening out impurities from flours and other raw bakery ingredients. If you’re currently in the market for a new bakery sifter or vibratory sieves, there are a few things worth considering as you shop around.

Sanitary Sifting and Sieving

Maintaining sanitary conditions when sifting bakery ingredients is a critical priority.

Following HACCP best practices requires equipment that:

  • Has a gap-free design to limit the potential for bacteria buildup
  • Has a small footprint with fewer contact points and, as such, less risk of contamination
  • Is constructed from high-grade stainless steel that is easy to sanitize between uses

Low-profile machines such as the Dynamic Screener™ are the best choice for food or beverage applications. The FDA-approved Dynamic Screener™ features an innovative straight-through design that delivers high output in a small package, allowing you to meet your productivity goals while still maintaining a clean and sanitary working environment.

Dust and Safety Concerns

An effective bakery sifter must also reduce dust in the air as flours and other products are processed. Dust present an explosive hazard and can cause respiratory issues following long-term exposure. To prevent this, VibraScreener™ products are available with a variety of safety features that make sifting fine powders worry-free.

Our SaniDump Screener™ features a bag-tipping platform that reduces the safety hazards associated with dumping large bags of flour. The SaniDump Screener™, among other products, is also available with a built-in dust hood to keep fine particles out of the air while you work.

Choosing a Bakery Sifter

In addition to the Dynamic Screener™ and SaniDump Screener™, VibraScreener™ manufactures a number of sifting products suitable for sifting and separating bakery ingredients. To help our customers choose the best vibratory sieves, we are pleased to provide free particle analysis services via our test lab. Our state-of-the-art facility can quickly turn around real-world trials to determine the ideal combination of machine and screening media.

Don’t take a risk when it comes to bakery ingredients. Investing in a high-quality VibraScreener™ machine is the best way to ensure a quality product at a reasonable price. Contact our office directly to learn more about your options.