Processing Fertilizer with a Vibrating Screener

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Processing fertilizer quickly and accurately is an important priority in many agricultural operations. Highly effective screeners and separators are necessary to remove agglomerates and foreign materials from phosphates, and to sort granular fertilizers by particle size.

Whatever the specific task, there’s a VibraScreener™ machine that will get the job done. Some of our most popular screeners for processing fertilizer include:

The LX Solids Separator™ A heavy-duty shale shaker/industrial vibrating screener that uses high-frequency, multimotion vibrations to separate liquids and solids and classify solid particles by size. The unit’s distinguishing feature is its ability to integrate multiple vibrating motions in a single process. Though designed for use in oil and gas drilling, the LX Solids Separator™ is an excellent choice for demanding agricultural applications as well.

The GyraSift Gyratory Sifter™ An industrial screening machine that provides clean separations of dry materials with a high throughput. Its gyrating, side-to-side sifting motion improves product quality and distribution while still delivering the high sieving capacity you need to maintain productivity. The GyraSift™ can be used with a wide range of screening media to classify fertilizers at a variety of different cut points.

The Ranger Separator™ Our high-capacity round vibrating screener. One of our most innovative products, the Ranger Separator™ features a set of four rubber mounts that isolate vibrations to produce a more stable sifting motion. This allows for more force to be applied to the screening media, which in turn improves throughput. The Ranger Separator™ also features our Quick Adjust™ weight system, which lets you change lead angle and vibration force settings on the fly to produce more accurate fertilizer separations without extended downtime.

The Bison Separator™ A high-capacity industrial shaker that is used to grade and separate materials by size. Its sloped design makes it an ideal screener for processing fertilizer at a high rate. The Bison Separator™ is highly versatile and can be adapted for virtually any dry-screening application. It also features a low-maintenance design that keeps downtime to a minimum when cleaning or a screen replacement is needed.

Any agricultural operation that has to process high volumes of fertilizer knows the importance of reliable, effective screening equipment. VibraScreener™ is a longstanding innovator in industrial vibrating screeners. Our products offer exceptional performance at a low cost of ownership. To learn more about your options when it comes to processing and separating fertilizers, contact a representative using our online form. We’d be happy to help you assess your needs and determine the best machine for your operation.  You can also fill out a talk to an expert form and one of our specialists will contact you regarding the screening and separation process.