Why a Low-Profile Vibratory Sieve Is the Right Choice for Sifting Pharmaceutical Powders

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In the pharmaceutical industry, managing risk is an important priority. There’s no room for error when your product directly impacts the health of its users, which is why exceptionally high levels of quality control are required.

Using a VibraScreener™ low-profile vibratory sieve is one of the best ways to avoid contamination when working with pharmaceutical powders. Ideal for check screening after the blending, mixing and granulating processes, low-profile sieves help pharmaceutical manufacturers filter out impurities and ultimately bring a safer and higher quality of product to market. Here’s a few of the ways industrial vibratory sieves can benefit your organization.

Improved Contamination Control

VibraScreener™ vibratory sieves include a number of features designed to minimize the risk of contamination. Our products include a quick access sifter screen which is easy to remove and clean as well as a gap-free design that eliminates the risk of bacteria buildup along sifter walls. Use VibraScreener™ sieves in clean room conditions, where they play a key role in meeting FDA requirements for sanitary processing. Add a magnetic tramp to our Dynamic Screener™ to remove ferrous particles and further reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Smaller Footprint

Another advantage to using a low-profile vibratory screener is its smaller footprint. This contributes to overall sanitation — smaller machines mean fewer opportunities for contaminants to enter — while bringing with it a number of other benefits. A low-profile industrial sieve takes up less room and is easier to transport, helping you make the most of small spaces and reduce the risk of an on-the-job accident by freeing up room on your production floor.

Low-profile vibrating sieves are also faster and easier to clean, meaning less downtime and greater productivity — important benefits in any business, but especially critical in the pharmaceutical industry, where managing overhead expenses is critical.

Greater Throughput

VibraScreener™ vibratory sieves incorporate an advanced screen design that quickly removes impurities from fine powders. Our products feature quality components, including 316L grade stainless steel and a wide range of specialized polishes, to meet your specific production needs. With our vibrating sifters, more vibration is applied directly to the screening media, which maximizes its effectiveness and reduces the risk of blinding, which can bring your operation quickly to a halt.

A VibraScreener™ low-profile pharmaceutical sieves can be used to quickly process active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as colorings, binders and other additives — eliminating the risk of contamination.

Why Choose VibraScreener™?

VibraScreener™ low profile sieves are the smart choice for a number of pharmaceutical processes. Our products are designed to help you manage risk more effectively while keeping your maintenance requirements low and your productivity high. We offer unparalleled support for everything we sell, including an extensive inventory of replacement parts and screening media.

If you’d like to learn more about the many advantages of using a low-profile vibratory sieve for pharmaceutical processing, keep browsing our website to visit individual product pages and industry profiles. Better yet, contact our office to speak with one of our sieving experts directly. We’d be happy to match you with the right sieving machine for your needs.