What Are the Benefits of Using a Low-Profile Vibratory Screener for Sieving Your Food Product?

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If you manufacture a food product in your business, an industrial food-sieving machine can be a critical part of your process. If you are in the market for a food-sieving machine, a low-profile vibratory screener is often the best choice.

What Is a Low-Profile Vibratory Screener?

A low-profile vibratory screener is a sieve with a feed inlet at the center top and an undersized discharge spout at the bottom. Vibratory motors attached to the screener agitate the product when you engage the machine. It distinguishes itself from a standard vibratory screener in that the motors are on the sides, rather than the bottom of the unit, and the discharge spout is in the center rather than the side. The result is a reduced height for the screener, saving headroom.

Why Upgrade to a Low-Profile Vibratory Screener for Your Food Sifter?

When you are selling a food product, quality is of utmost importance. You need to make sure your food is suitable for human consumption, so you need to process it under the most sanitary conditions. You also want people to prefer your food product to similar items competitors make, so you must ensure you have eliminated any impurities in your product. VibraScreener® low-profile vibratory screeners are ideal for screening food products for a great many reasons, including:

  • Easy to Clean: VibraScreener® ultra-hygienic vibratory sifters are easy to clean. You can remove the sifter screen simply to access all contact parts. Being able to quickly dismantle the machine and access the mesh and all contact parts means you can remove any debris that could contaminate your product without difficulty, ensuring total cleanliness.
  • No Gaps: Since there are no gaps in the design, bacteria have no opportunity to build up on the edges of the screener, which is critical for ultra-hygienic food applications.
  • Small Footprint: A smaller machine with fewer parts allows fewer opportunities for contamination while maximizing the amount of available space in your processing room.

 To order VibraScreener® food sifter products for your business, contact us online or call 800-779-4613. We offer an extensive selection of industrial screening products for each industry.