What are some Vibratory Screeners to help screen Liquids and Slurries?

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Vibratory screeners and industrial sieves play an important role in separating heavy solids from liquids and slurries. This is a key step in the production and processing of several different products, including milk, juices and other beverages, oils, paints, resins and adhesives, pharmaceuticals and more.

Your choice of a vibratory screener will play a large role in determining your ability to meet the demands of these and other applications. The ability to work quickly and effectively, while maintaining compliance with HACCP and other safety regulations, is critical for any machine. Here are some important characteristics any liquid or slurry screener should possess.


Most importantly, a vibratory machine must be able to handle your production requirements. A vibratory machine that doesn’t have the capacity you need will lead to slower productivity, have increased maintenance needs and be more prone to downtime. Look for a screener with a low-profile, straight-through design that encourages maximum contact between the slurry or liquid and the screening media.


A vibratory screener must be easy to clean and sanitize to maintain a safe working environment, and meet FDA/USDA and other regulations. A vibratory screener is a critical control point in HACCP protocol, and must be kept free of contaminants at all times. Look for a machine that has easily accessible contact parts and an easy-to-replace screen – this will make maintenance more straightforward and save your crew time, keeping productivity where it needs to be.


Vibratory screen machines should fit seamlessly into your workflow and be simple to use and work around. A good vibratory screener will not only meet your productivity and regulatory requirements, but it should also be quiet and safe. Look for a machine with noise-deadening features such as rubber suspension components, simple and straightforward controls, and a small footprint that takes up less floor space.

Choosing a Screening Media

A slurry or liquid screener’s media does the actual work of removing heavy solids from your product. Your choice of a screen is critical. To determine the best product for your application, work with a specialist who knows how to properly determine product behavior and flow characteristics.

That’s where VibraScreener™ comes in. We manufacture sophisticated vibratory screeners for a range of industrial applications and offer unparalleled customer support through our in-house testing lab. Get in touch with our office today to arrange a consultation and learn more about our full selection of industrial screeners and customized screening media.

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