The NEW ultra-hygienic Dynamic Screener™ is now available

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Charlotte, NC – VibraScreener Inc. of Charlotte, NC is proudly introducing the NEW revolutionary ultra-hygienic Dynamic Screener™ designed specifically for sanitary applications such as food, dairy and pharmaceutical screening applications.

This innovative vibratory screener is designed primarily to meet the strict sanitary demands of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. As VibraScreener® premier industrial sieve to check-screen, or remove small contaminants from materials, is projected to be a must have by processors of food and pharmaceutical powders. As a modern screening machine the Dynamic Screener™ features ultra-hygienic polishes in contact parts down to microbiological levels, as well as easy access to the interior of the sifter to clean or change the screen, enhancing your product quality and reputation.

In addition to a superior sanitary design, this industry changer vibratory screener offers multiple benefits to operators – increasing productivity and reducing downtime. Below are some notable benefits of the Dynamic Screener™, making the unit an operator friendly vibrating screen:


    • Higher capacity

A straight-through design allows more products to easily pass the screen, increasing capacity and productivity.

    • Easy to clean

Quick access to contact parts and mirror polish contact surfaces makes it easier for operators to clean the screener.

    • Small footprint

Minimal contact parts and a low-profile design make this vibratory sieve ideal for restricted spaces.

    • Gap-Free design

The gap-free design contributes to an ultra-hygienic sieving, eliminating dead areas where products or bacteria can accumulate.

    • Improves your product quality

An advanced design removes all contamination from your product improving your product quality and company reputation.

For additional information on our screeners offered, contact us today.  To get in direct contact with one of our engineers, talk to an expert.