Pulp and paper filtration have always been important steps in the production of paper and paper products. However, there’s currently an increased interest in incorporating more recycled pulp in paper production while simultaneously reducing the negative environmental effects commonly associated with the paper industry’s wastewater and other effluents. The role of industrial screeners for paper separation and wastewater treatment has never been more essential to the survival of the industry.

Screening Pulp and Paper Applications

The basic process of papermaking has remained largely the same for hundreds of years. Felled trees are stripped of bark and processed down into their natural fibers or pulp. They’re then refined further into a slurry, where eventually the water is removed, leaving a thin layer of paper to be picked up, dried and rolled. However, major environmental and economic advances have occurred in papermaking, and they’re largely due to better screening and filtration equipment like that made by VibraScreener™.

Industrial screeners remove knots, debris and other foreign objects during pulp processing. They also allow for better water treatment and greater use of recycled paper, which needs to be de-inked, resulting in further needs for water treatment. While in the past many paper mills have had to contend with environmental pressures related to the chemicals, such as bleaches and inks contained in their wastewater, modern screening methods for water treatment are allowing paper mills to make great strides in creating paper within a closed water cycle.

Looking ahead to the future of papermaking, it’s clear that well-designed separation and filtration equipment will continue to play an integral part in allowing this industry to thrive while meeting both its economic and environmental objectives.


Screeners for Paper Separation

There’s no doubt that screeners and filtration equipment for pulp separation, paper production and water treatment need to be hearty pieces of machinery. That’s why paper mills trust the years of industry-leading expertise and engineering know-how that VibraScreener™ puts into every one of its models, including the Dynamic Screener™ and the Ranger Separator™.

Used in the most demanding applications, our screeners are made to operate with high capacity while remaining energy efficient and putting out low levels of noise. When maximum uptime is a requirement to meet production deadlines, you want our screeners on the job. And when cleaning or maintenance is required, it’s good to know that our machines are easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble. Since we understand it’s your business that’s counting on the quality of our products, we leave nothing to chance.

High Performance, Excellent Service and Expert Advice From VibraScreener

When you have to process enough wood pulp to make miles of paper a day, there’s only one choice for your production line, and that’s VibraScreener™. We’ve been successfully fulfilling the screening and filtration needs of major industries while meeting all FDA, USDA and other environmental regulations for years. Our experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting separation equipment extends to everyone from Fortune 500 processing facilities to independent operators.

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