Choosing a Vibratory Sifter or Sieve for Separating Powder Coatings

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Powder coatings represent an estimated 15 percent of the overall industrial finishing market. Like all fine powders, powder sifting machines are required to ensure the quality of this increasingly important product.

Choosing the right vibratory sieve for separating powder coating paint requires a careful consideration of a number of factors. While there are many options available on the market today, only VibraScreener™ equipment offers the combination of performance and value you need to get the job done right.


Vibratory sifters can be used in a variety of powder-coating applications. Our products are ideal for processing both thermoset and thermoplastic finishes. They can be used to:

  • Check screen products before they are delivered to customers
  • Sieve powder coatings to remove impurities before they are applied
  • Condition powder coatings for a higher quality of product
  • Recover overspray and process it for additional use

Specific products that can be processed with a vibratory sifter include nylon, epoxy, acrylic and polyester powder coatings, among others.

Choosing the Right Machine

Different processes demand different tools, and sifting powder coatings is no exception. To support a range of potential applications, VibraScreener™ offers a number of different machines. Our products include:

  • The Dynamic Screener™, a low-profile circular screener for removing impurities and contamination
  • The SaniDump Screener™, a variation on the Dynamic Screener™ with an integrated dust hood and other features for maintaining sanitary conditions
  • The Ranger Separator™, a high-capacity circular screener designed for maximum throughput with a small footprint
  • The GyraSift™, a gyratory screener that can quickly and accurately separate materials by size

Check out individual product pages to learn more about the benefits our vibratory sifters offer when screening and sieving powder coatings. You can also contact our office directly to schedule a consultation, or arrange testing to determine the best machine for your needs.

  • Highly productive and accurate
  • Versatile for use in multiple applications
  • Affordable to run
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Designed for safe and sanitary performance

We have been an innovator in the field of vibratory sieving and separation for many years. Our products are found in some of the most demanding industrial facilities, where they play a key role in helping powder-coating manufacturers and related businesses meet their goals.