4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of your Vibratory Screener, Separators and Sieves

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The efficiency and effectiveness of your vibratory separators and vibratory sieves have an impact on all aspects of your operation. No matter what industry you’re in, when a vibratory sieve machine isn’t working at its full capacity, you feel the repercussions in your cycle times, quality control and overall profitability.

Vibratory screen separators are highly specialized machines. Even dedicated manufacturing and processing facilities may lack the in-house knowledge necessary to keep them properly maintained. To keep your vibratory screen separators and related equipment working their best, follow these four tips:

    • Prevent Blinding Through Regular Cleaning
      Blinding refers to the tendency of similarly sized particles to become stuck in a vibratory sieve’s separator screen. Excessive blinding greatly affects machine efficiency and requires periodic cleaning to correct. Several methods are available for self-cleaning a vibratory screen separator, including the use of sliders, ball trays and sandwich screens. Consult product literature to determine which method is best for your equipment.


    • Reduce Static Problems
      Built-up static electricity can cause material to agglomerate or stick to a vibratory separator’s screen. In either case, processing efficiency is compromised. You can correct static blinding by installing a ground on the machine. Agglomeration issues require environmental intervention, either by adjusting the humidity of the work area or by using an ionizer to reduce static charge.


    • Use the Right Vibrating Sieve Machine for your Material
      If your vibratory round separator or vibratory shaker is prone to excessive blinding or static issues, the problem may require more than a quick fix. Ultimately, your choice of vibratory sieve may not be appropriate for the type of process being performed and your material.For example, a centrifugal sifter is less prone to static buildup than other designs, and you should use it in situations where agglomeration or lumps are an issue, but these types of sieve machines don’t perform well when check screening or safety sieving is required. Consult with an expert to determine whether or not a different type of vibrating sieve machine or screen will improve efficiency in your process.


  • Perform Maintenance According to Schedule
    Lastly, you can improve the efficiency of your vibratory screen separators through regular preventative maintenance. Consult with the manufacturer’s specifications to determine how often regular service — including gaskets and screen replacements, bolt tightening and other important checks — should be performed.


If you’re still not experiencing the results you expect from your vibratory screeners, contact us today or talk to one of our experts to discuss your equipment and application.